Best dehumidifiers for 2022 — Dehumidifiers you can buy online

As the seasons change and warm weather approaches, not only do we have to think about beautifying our outdoor spaces, but we have to face a whole new weather season. inside. Although you’ve spent the winter relying on a humidifier to add moisture to the painfully dry indoor air, when it’s hot you can have the opposite problem, especially in spaces that aren’t not well ventilated. Dehumidifiers are an essential tool for preventing mold in areas that receive a little too much humidity. Whether you only need them for a few months during the summer, or you battle unwanted humidity in your home year-round, these are the best dehumidifiers on the market today (and you can buy them all online). line !).


Frigidaire 70 Pint High Efficiency White Dehumidifier

With an average 4-star rating on Amazon, this Frigidaire model is a favorite for its airflow and reliability.


Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier

This sleek humidor is low-profile and perfect for small spaces – it measures just 9″ x 5.5″.


70 Pint Dehumidifier

For larger spaces (or super humid areas!), this innocuous-looking model holds 70 quarts and includes 3 fan speeds and timer options.


Honeywell 30 Pint 2 Speed ​​Dehumidifier

A great mid-size option, this model from Honeywell has two fan speeds, an auto-restart feature, and wheels for easy movement.


Small dehumidifier EDV-1100

Small and inexpensive, this option is ideal for small spaces or buyers who plan to move the dehumidifier around a lot.


PuriCare 70 Pint Clear Bucket with Handle Dehumidifier

Customers love this black LG option for its enhanced safety features (including an airflow blockage alarm) and direct drain option.


Sorbi mini air dehumidifier

For a truly portable option, consider this mini dehumidifier from Sorbi, which features LED indicator lights and auto shut-off.

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