The 4 Best Small Dehumidifiers

Ideal for bathrooms, closets, cars and other small spaces, this mini dehumidifier is rated for areas up to 333 cubic feet (or just under 50 square feet if your ceilings are 7 feet high) and can even be hung on the wall or placed in a gym bag. Unlike the other picks on this list, it’s completely cordless and rechargeable — so no cords are needed. This one is also different from the others because it does not have a removable water reservoir that collects moisture. Instead, this device absorbs moisture with non-toxic silica gel beads. As they absorb, the beads turn from orange to green – and when they’re completely green, you just need to recharge the device by plugging it into an outlet for a bit. According to the manufacturer, one load can last between 20 and 30 days and hold about 6 ounces of water. Since this one doesn’t run on electricity, it doesn’t need an auto shut-off feature. However, it has a hook so you can easily hang it inside your closet or cabinet.

According to reviews: “I use this small dehumidifier in my small bathroom. Even if I have a fan in the bathroom, there would still be mold stains from the steam. I have this in the bathroom for a few months now and haven’t noticed any new mold spots I have to plug it in every week or two because there is so much humidity in the bathroom but it’s a process very simple.”