The 6 Best Closet Dehumidifiers in 2022

If you’re tackling lingering odors and other problems caused by excess humidity in your home, the best closet dehumidifiers help solve humidity-related issues while being very easy to maintain. Some could even be taken to other small areas of your home like a pantry or laundry room.

What criteria to take into account

When looking for the best portable dehumidifier or a small dehumidifier for a bedroom, consider the following:

Ease of use

For a dehumidifier that you will actually use, make sure it is easy to use. Consider how often you want to empty the water tanks or refresh the container and choose a dehumidifier with the appropriate absorption capacity. Also consider if you have an easily accessible outlet or if you prefer something that is not electrically powered.

Square feet

To buy the best dehumidifier for your closet, keep in mind the square footage of that space. For a walk-in up to 150 square feet, you’ll need a more powerful dehumidifier or a few less powerful units. But for small closets, a more compact one will do.

Shop the best dehumidifiers for closets

Press? Here are the top picks for the best closet dehumidifiers:

1. Fan-favorite electric dehumidifier for closets: Pro Breeze Mini Electric Dehumidifier

2. The electric dehumidifier with a larger tank: SEAVON compact dehumidifier

3. Best rechargeable mini dehumidifier for closets: Eva Dry wireless mini dehumidifier

4. The best scent-free single-use dehumidifier: airBOSS closet dehumidifier

5. Best Hanging Closet Dehumidifier: DampRid Moisture Absorber, Fresh Scent

6. The dehumidifier with an extra-large tank and a quiet environment: AYAFATO small portable dehumidifier

Whatever your needs, look for small dehumidifiers that will get rid of mold in your closets and other small spaces.


Fan-favorite electric dehumidifier for closets

This compact, lightweight dehumidifier effectively reduces humidity in rooms up to 215 square feet, making it perfect for large closets and small rooms. Plug in this electric dehumidifier and it operates efficiently with low energy consumption while removing up to 9 ounces of water per day.

A helpful indicator light lets you know when the 18-ounce water reservoir is full, and the unit will automatically shut off until the reservoir is empty. Because it uses a thermoelectric system, this small dehumidifier operates quietly, so it can be used in small bedrooms or offices without making a sound. But note: For optimal performance, this device should only be used at temperatures between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit and never below 41 degrees.

A reviewer wrote: “Small and quiet, it works perfectly in my closet and my bathroom. Since using the device, the musty/musty smell that plagued my clothes and towels is gone. The unit is very easy to set up and fairly easy to empty (draining process may need some updating; it’s easy, but you’ll have to wipe down the storage container before reinserting it and it can get a little messy) . When full (in my small Florida apartment, 1-2 times a week) it automatically shuts off and a yellow light comes on. […] Overall I’m a happy camper and would definitely recommend.”

Style: Electrical | Maximum coin size: 215 square feet | Absorptive capacity: 18 ounces

Also available on: ProBreeze, $45


The electric dehumidifier with a larger tank

This electric dehumidifier is small in size but has a large water tank that can hold up to 27 ounces, which is useful because it can extract up to 12 ounces of water from the air every day. It has an automatic shut-off function to prevent overflows and an indicator light to let you know when its tank is full. Although it has a larger tank than the above choice, the manufacturer does not specify a maximum square footage – that being said, the brand recommends using this dehumidifier in a range of spaces, including closets, bathrooms, bedrooms and even RVs.

A reviewer wrote: “This unit works great for my closet. It’s a quiet little unit that won’t disturb your sleep even if used in a bedroom. It is not meant to dry a large room but rather a small space where you would normally use a silica bead unit. Unlike silica beads, this doesn’t need to be replaced, just drain the water every 1-2 days, making it a great long-term investment.

Style: Electrical | Maximum coin size: N/A | Absorptive capacity: 27 ounces


The best rechargeable mini dehumidifier for closets

For small closets that don’t have electrical outlets (or if you just don’t want to bother with a unit that needs to be plugged in all the time), this cordless dehumidifier is worth a look. Capable of covering an area of ​​333 cubic feet (or approximately 48 square feet), this portable dehumidifier operates for 20-30 days on a single charge and uses silica to remove up to 6 ounces of excess moisture from the air. ‘air. When the device has reached its capacity, the silica balls change from orange to green.

To recharge the silica, simply plug it into any electrical outlet. This portable dehumidifier has a hanger that makes it super versatile, and it’s non-toxic and fragrance-free.

A reviewer wrote: “I have 2 of these for my closets in my log home. They seem to be working fine, in about a week the beads turn green, I plug them into an outlet overnight, they turn yellow again. I like the fact that they are reusable.

Style: Rechargeable electric with silica balls | Maximum coin size: 48 square feet | Absorptive capacity: 6 ounces

Also available on: Home Depot, $20, and Ace Hardware, $15


A Best Scent-Free Single-Use Dehumidifier

This closet dehumidifier uses fragrance-free drying crystals to absorb moisture from the air, no electricity required. To use, simply remove the seal and place the container where you need it to reduce humidity levels. When the cup is full, drain the water and discard the cup. Each cup has an approximate capacity to absorb 15 ounces of water, and while no square footage is listed, customers report that they work everywhere, from pantries to bathrooms to, yes, cupboards of different sizes. You can also get them in packs of one or three, although the six-pack is by far the best deal.

A reviewer wrote: “These are perfect for my cupboards in the summer which don’t have AC/Heat venting in them. It’s always amazing to me how much moisture they absorb, I’ve bought these many years in a row and they really help clothes/pillows/laundry from mildew! Love this product!”

Style: Container of Moisture Absorbing Crystals | Maximum coin size: N/A | Absorptive capacity: 15 ounces

Also available on:


The best hanging closet dehumidifier

These moisturizing bags are a hassle-free, electricity-free way to rid small spaces of odor-causing moisture while leaving behind a fresh, clean scent. These dehumidifiers use calcium chloride crystals to absorb excess moisture from the air, and they’re ready to hang right out of the box, making them perfect for closets. Each bag lasts approximately 60 days, however, this number may vary depending on humidity levels and temperature. A square footage isn’t listed by the manufacturer, but they recommend them for everything from closets to RVs, so they’re pretty versatile.

A reviewer wrote“Love, love this product! My house is damp and everything in my cupboards smelled musty before I used them. I used to open my cupboards and cringe at the smell that came from it, but I love their smell now! What a great product. Bought it for the second time recently and will be buying it regularly in the future!

Style: Hanging Bag with Moisture Absorbing Crystals | Maximum coin size: N/A | Absorptive capacity: 16 ounces

Also available on: Bed Bath & Beyond, $10, and Home Depot, $12


The dehumidifier with an extra-large tank and a quiet environment

If you’re looking for a small, big-impact dehumidifier, check out this electric one with a 35-ounce water tank that can extract up to 16 ounces of water per day. It has two modes. One is a “normal” daytime setting, and the other is a nighttime setting that runs a little quieter while you sleep. It also has an auto shut-off feature to prevent it from overflowing. Additionally, this dehumidifier has a built-in LED light that can change between seven colors.

A reviewer wrote: “This dehumidifier is perfect for small spaces or rooms. It works great in my closet to keep the humidity out. Honestly, I feel like everything even smells fresh. Plus it’s so quiet…I’m a light sleeper and can’t even hear it running at night. The coolest thing is the color changing light, which is built in. I love that !! Highly recommend and will be ordering another one for my guest room.

Style: Electrical | Maximum coin size: 285 square feet | Absorptive capacity: 35 ounces