The Best Dehumidifiers on Amazon to Keep Your Home Comfortable

When the temperature starts to rise (and not just because of climate change) and showers are on the horizon, it means things are about to get a little…wet. Besides being a very dirty word, humidity is an enemy of your home. It can cause mold growth, excess bacteria, and a generally unpleasant feeling, although your tropical plants may like it. Fight the humidity with a home dehumidifier, which sucks all the moisture out of the air and turns it into water, which you can then flush down the drain. We’ve rounded up some of the best dehumidifiers you can get on Amazon to make sure your home doesn’t start looking like the Amazon.

Vermi 4,500 m². ft. Dehumidifier

This machine may seem intimidating, but it will remove up to 50 pints (!) of moisture from the air per day. It is ideal for large open spaces like living rooms and basements. It also helps reduce odors and bacteria in the air and has a Turbo mode for maximum efficiency.

homeLabs 4,500 m². Energy Star Dehumidifier

If your basement is more like a swamp, this great dehumidifier can help. It comes with a 2 year warranty and runs continuously for 24 hours until the tank is full. Plus, there’s a drain hose outlet that fits most garden hoses to help drain water and keep your machine running.

Pro Breeze Mini Electric Dehumidifier

This compact 16 oz option is perfect for small spaces like bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and closets. The built-in cooling technology works without a compressor, so it’s virtually silent. It also has a convenient automatic shut-off when the water tank is full.

Afloia Portable Electric Dehumidifier

An excellent intermediate for large bedrooms (or small living rooms), this model can extract up to 26 oz of water from the air. It has an auto-shutoff sensor when the tank is full and uses an energy-saving design to keep you from racking up that electric bill.

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