The Best Dehumidifiers to Cross La Nina


Kogan Mini Dehumidifier 2L from Kogan, which you can buy here for $89

Enjoy a more comfortable living space with the Kogan mini dehumidifier, which reduces humidity levels and makes your living space less hospitable to allergens.

This quiet and efficient device also helps reduce irritation to your skin and respiratory system and is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Not to mention, it will help fight mildew and “musty” odors, and allow clothes to dry faster and food to last longer in a less humid environment.

Breville The Smart Dry White Dehumidifier


Myer’s Breville The Smart Dry Dehumidifier White, which you can buy here for $339

With a water extraction capacity of 10 liters per day, the Smart Dry dehumidifier is suitable for rooms from 20 to 30 m2, has SensAir Live humidity control and an indicator light and a 2-level air filtration.

It also has a carbon filter for odors and smoke, a pre-filter for dust and pet dander, a laundry mode, continuous drainage available by hose and a timer mode. , night mode, child lock.

Ionmax 7L desiccant dehumidifier


Dick Smith’s Ionmax 7L Desiccant Dehumidifier (ION612), which you can buy here for $399

Effectively reduce ambient humidity with the Andatech Ionmax desiccant dehumidifier to prevent problems such as asthma, allergies or even mold damage to your belongings.

It works hard to dehumidify daily at a rate of 7L per day, can operate with a constant and steady supply of moist air, and dehumidifies every corner of your room with automatic oscillation and multi-directional louver settings.

DeLonghi Tasciugo Aria Dry Pure 21L Dehumidifier

good guys

The Good Guys DeLonghi 21L Tasciugo Aria Dry Pure Dehumidifier, which you can buy here for $649

Protect your home and family with the DeLonghi 21L Tasciugo Aria Dry Pure Dehumidifier, which delivers perfect levels of dehumidification in any room, in any season.

It helps neutralize harmful bacteria and allergens while removing excess moisture, removes up to 21 liters of excess moisture in 24 hours, and you can manage room temperature and humidity levels with the LCD control panel with touch keys.

Pursonic Smart Touch X3 Dehumidifier


Myer’s Pursonic Smart Touch X3 dehumidifier, which you can buy here for $79.95

Purify your home with the Pursonic 600ml Smart Touch X3 dehumidifier, as it uses thermoelectric (Peltier) technology to quickly remove moisture from the air, keeping you comfortable and cool.

This versatile dehumidifier is suitable for small spaces, such as your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, basement or closet. It’s also easy to use, with touch control.

Ausclimate NWT Compact+ 16L Dehumidifier


Kogan’s Ausclimate NWT Compact+ 16L dehumidifier, which you can buy here for $309

The Ausclimate NWT Compact+ 16L dehumidifier is practical, compact, but extra powerful.

It features auto-swing louvers, a dedicated laundry mode and is ideal for boats, caravans/mobile homes, as well as storage rooms and other small rooms.