The best dehumidifiers to use on wet and humid days in Australia 2022

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The best dehumidifiers to buy in Australia 2022

To help you combat dampness and mold in your home during the rainy season, we’ve rounded up some of the best dehumidifiers on the market today.

1. Breville Smart Dry Plus Connect 3.5L White Dehumidifier, $499, Bing Lee


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Awarded Sensitive Choice by the National Asthma Council Australia, this dehumidifier is a perfect buy for households with sensitive lungs. With a pre-filter for dust and pet dander, two-stage air filtration, carbon filters for odors, and smoke and humidity controls, asthmatics at home are in good company. Also with laundry, night and hour modes, plus a child lock, this model really has all the bells and whistles.

“Runs like a dream,” wrote one five-star reviewer, “It’s been great this wet summer!”

2. Tenergy Sorbi 1L Air Dehumidifier, $239, Amazon


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Compact and user-friendly, this dehumidifier is ideal for small rooms (like bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets) that might need a little TLC during the rainy season. With an LED indicator, auto shut-off, water level sensor, and HEPA filtration system to remove airborne pollutants from the air, this lightweight unit is small but mighty.

“After plugging the dehumidifier in just when I received it, I noticed the difference in the room within an hour… now the whole room feels like a normal space after 24 hours,” wrote one reviewer five stars.

3. Kogan 2L Mini Dehumidifier, $139, Kogan


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Send mold and mildew away with this quiet mini dehumidifier from Kogan. Featuring timer control for four and eight hours, a 2L water capacity, and an LED display, this humble unit works hard to help your space feel less musty and fresher.

“Small, but effective for a small room. Easy to use, easy to clean. Great product for living in the tropics!” wrote a five-star reviewer.

4. Breville The All Climate 8L Dehumidifier, $459, Bing Lee


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The All Climate dehumidifier is a bestseller – and not without reason. Perfect for both warm and cooler environments, this eco-friendly model works to automatically maintain a room’s ideal humidity, based on its temperature. By producing negative ions that attach to floating particles, this dehumidifier also removes dust and allergens from the air, while reducing pet dander, odor and smoke.

“I love that it shuts off when full, how quiet it is, and I’m amazed at how much liquid it collects,” wrote one reviewer who gave it five stars.

5. Ausclimate NWT Supreme All Seasons 50L Dehumidifier, $721, Devices Online


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Named Supreme All Seasons, this energy-efficient dehumidifier is ideal for most climates and in open spaces up to 105m². With variable humidity settings, a 24-hour timer, automatic full water tank shut-off, an auto-drain system and other helpful features, you (and your laundry) will quickly feel dry and comfortable all day long. the year.

“It’s a big unit for home use so it’s a bit noisy but it’s super efficient, just what I was looking for,” wrote one five-star reviewer.

6. Mitsubishi Electric EV38HR 38L Dehumidifier, $1399, Bing Lee


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Creating a comforting indoor environment is child’s play with this dehumidifier featuring multi-stage filtration, a high-speed motor, and a convenient timer mode.

Where and how to use a dehumidifier?

“These units are best placed in rooms that lack ventilation or excessive humidity,” says Appliances Online category expert Colin, “On days with high humidity, you might want to consider using them for 10 to 12 hours a day, even 24/7 if your device has the capacity”.

“Most dehumidifiers are energy efficient, which will allow you to run them for long periods of time. Having a device such as a portable dehumidifier will help protect certain parts of your home and clothing.”

Colin recommends:

  • 6-10L capacity dehumidifier for cupboards or wardrobes
  • Dehumidifier with a capacity of 10 to 25 liters for small areas
  • Dehumidifier with a capacity of 20 to 35 liters for medium areas
  • 35L+ capacity dehumidifier for large areas

How do I know if moisture is damaging my home?

Colin points out that there are several signs that high humidity levels are impacting your home and belongings, including:

  1. Water stains on your walls or windows
  2. A musty smell from a specific area
  3. Small amounts of mold begin to appear
  4. Windows are starting to look foggy and small amounts of running water
  5. Your skin is tight, clammy and sticky

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