The quietest dehumidifiers for your home

To recommend the quietest dehumidifiers below, we turn to our test labs, where Consumer Reports engineers measure the decibels of every dehumidifier they test.

The loudest dehumidifier in our tests gets a fair rating, meaning it’s about as loud as a box fan on the highest setting. But most are quieter than that, scoring Very Good (about as loud as a normal conversation) or Excellent (like a fridge buzzing).

To test dehumidifier decibels, we crank each model to its highest fan and humidity removal settings. Then our testers place a decibel meter on a tripod 2 feet in front of the dehumidifier and 3 feet off the floor, simulating the sound of the dehumidifier if you’re sitting in a room on.

Below are nine incredibly quiet dehumidifiers. They are organized by capacity, or the amount of water they can remove from the air. To learn more about these and other dehumidifiers we’ve tested, check out our full dehumidifier ratings and read the CR dehumidifier buying guide. If you’re looking to dry out a damp area, check out our dehumidifier recommendations for basements and crawl spaces. And once you’ve found the model that suits your needs, here’s how to get the most out of your dehumidifier.